Hotel Policies


  • Gym and swimming pool are subject to availability and guests must book before using them.
  • Every Colombian guest must pay 19% vat at The Time Of Check In.
  • Loma Verde Is A Drug-Free Building.
  • Room Maximum Occupancy/Visitors Of 4 People For A One Bedroom Apartment And 6 For A Two Bedroom Apartments, At Any Time Under Any Circumstances, Guests not on the list will be charged 100.000 cop/ person.
  • Please respect the quiet hours in the building. Parties, loud music, and noises that disturb the tranquility of other guests after 10 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on weekends is prohibited.
  • Exhibitionism (Public Nudity) Is An Illegal Act In Colombia And As Such Is Not Permitted In Colombia Nor The Loma Verde Hotel. Respect Your Neighbors.
  • Loma Verde Is A Prostitution Free Building And Will Not Participate In Such Activities.
  • Our rooms are exclusively offered for accommodation purposes. LOMA VERDE Casacol SAS is NOT a clinical center. Therefore we DO NOT count with special cleaning and disinfection processes or special handling of biological waste. LOMA VERDE Casacol SAS WILL NOT assume responsibility in case a guest has any health complications after a medical procedure that has to be treated in a health center. We strongly recommend verifying the credentials of your health supplier.
  • Guests must register including all their visitors at the front desk with their Cedula de Ciudadania, Passport or written permission from their parents. Absolutely no minors unaccompanied by their parents/guardians are allowed in the building.
  • Please note that the swimming pool is out of service every Monday. If Monday is a holiday the pool will be closed during Tuesday.