Just because you’re in a foreign country doesn’t mean you can’t work out and stay fit while in Manila! In addition to the gym at Landmark, there are some other great places to workout in Medellin. Some of the top spots are scattered around the Manila neighborhood and are well worth the short walk from your hotel to work up a sweat.

A few of Colombia’s best gyms are located right in barrio Manila! Check out a couple of these spots and see for yourself what the hype is all about.

Gimnasio Smart Fit la 10

60,000 COP – 200,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: A great, affordable gym with plenty of equipment. They have daily, weekly, and monthly passes available for visitors.
  • Pro Tips: There’s free parking and a coffee shop located below the gym.

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Athletic Gym Manila

50,000 COP – 600,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: The gym offers tons of personal trainers as well as sports massages. There are also tons of machines, so you won’t have to wait to use the equipment.
  • Pro Tips: They only offer monthly passes, so it’s a better place to check out for longer-term stays. However, they do give free 3-day passes to first-time visitors.

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Whether you forgot your medications on vacation or just need to pick up a few spare medical supplies, you can do so in Manila El Poblado. Here are a couple of pharmacies close to the hotel that you can swing by.

Mundo Farma

1,000 COP – 250,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: A pharmacy with limited supplies. You can get most OTC meds here but may have trouble with more obscure prescriptions.
  • Pro Tips: They sell tons of different face masks, so if you lose one or need to purchase them, this is a great place to go.

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Full Medics

1,000 COP – 300,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: This is a large pharmacy located right in Manila. It’s on a quiet street and doesn’t typically have lines.
  • Pro Tips: Make sure you know the name of your medication in Spanish, as the attendants don’t speak English.

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La Rebaja Plus

1,000 COP – 350,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Small
  • What to Try: They offer tons of different prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines. You don’t need a doctor’s script for most prescriptions, just the name of the medicine.
  • Pro Tips: This pharmacy can be found all around Colombia and offers any medicine you might need.

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If you need to go to the doctor in Medellin, there are some medical centers right by Landmark. There are also places where you can get dental work done, in case you’ve got a toothache or other troubles.


250,000 COP – 1,000,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: A local hospital and doctor’s office. You can go here for emergency services.
  • Pro Tips: You can get treated here even if you don’t have Colombian healthcare. However, you’ll have to pay the full out-of-pocket price.

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Be You

300,000 COP – 4,000,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: A dentist and orthodontist’s office that offers a wide range of basic and emergency services.
  • Pro Tips: You’ll need to make an appointment to get treatment, even if you have a dental emergency.

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