Who doesn’t want a drink after a long day of exploring the city? Whether you’re wanting wind down from all that walking or you’re after a place to get the party started, we have your back. The Manila neighborhood in Medellin is home to some spectacular places to grab a drink!

Medellin boasts some of Colombia’s best craft beer. And, two fantastic brewing companies are located right in barrio Manila Medellin! Here are a couple of our favorite beer bars in the neighborhood.


6,000 COP – 18,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Rustic
  • What to Try: Try their beer flight of six of 20Mission’s best beers. You can also order dinner if you want to pair your drink with a meal!
  • Pro Tips: They have regular live music, but you’ll have to pay a cover. The spot is also a bit isolated, so you may want to take a taxi or Uber to get to and from the hotel.

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Foxey Pub

11,000 COP – 35,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Sporty
  • What to Try: Try one of their beer flights. The flights feature four beers and are a great way to try a couple of different drinks without filling up too much.
  • Pro Tips: There are 7 different beer companies in this spot so make sure to try them all. Also, check out the rooftop!

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Bipolar Brewing Co

8,000 COP – 15,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Indie
  • What to Try: The light beers. They’re super-aromatic and pretty fruity. Just know that the beers rotate regularly!
  • Pro Tips: They make all their beer in-house, and will actually let you take photos of the beer tanks. It gets loud the later you go, but is a great place to spend an afternoon!

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Fugitivo Manila

8,000 COP – 13,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Pub
  • What to Try: The beers on tap. There’s a self-pour beer station where you can try a number of different local and Colombian beers.
  • Pro Tips: The self-pour beers come in a prepaid card with enough cash for about 6 beers. Go in a group if you don’t plan to use the whole card!

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Wine lovers will love the fact that Manila Medellin has one of the best (and only) wine bars in Medellin. Take a sip out of one of their sangrias, or get to know the other tasty blends on the menu.


20,000 COP – 160,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Classy
  • What to Try: Their Sangria is delicious and super refreshing on a hot day. You can also ask for recommendations, as the staff has excellently curated wine.
  • Pro Tips: They offer wine tastings on specific days. Ask what day of the week they’ll be doing their tasting and wine pairings!

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There’s nothing like a cocktail to get your evening going. Whether you opt for an ultra strong Long Island Iced Tea, or you pick something a little softer, here are the best cocktail bars in Manila Medellin.

AltaGracia Restaurante/Café/Bar

13,000 COP – 25,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Retro
  • What to Try: Try one of their cocktail shots. These are mixes of three to four liquors and have a unique flavor!
  • Pro Tips: They take their beer seriously, so avoid the beer cocktails. They also have tons of non-alcoholic drinks and good bar food.

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On the lookout for a place to really have some fun and let loose? If that’s the case, you’ll be glad to know that some of the best rooftop bars in Medellin are situated here in Manila. Here are a few of our favorites to party at.

Vrtice Rooftop

4,000 COP – 60,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Party
  • What to Try: Order a cocktail! They have mojitos and classic bar drinks as well as a couple of margaritas.
  • Pro Tips: Bring your bathing suit as they have a jacuzzi right there on the rooftop! You’re allowed drinks in the pool.

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Los Rooftops

15,000 COP – 24,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Party
  • What to Try: Try one of their tiki cocktails. The drinks are strong but definitely delicious!
  • Pro Tips: Go later in the day, when they have live DJs and events. Also, make sure to ask about their happy hour specials!

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