If you want to get a haircut in Medellin or treat yourself to one of the many spas in Medellin, there are some great places to do so in the Manila neighborhood. Better yet, there are places that cater to kids, others that are best for the gals, and still others that work perfectly for the guys staying with us. Whatever it is you’re after, check out these top spots in Manila Medellin.

Needing to get a beard trim or a new cut? Here are a few barbershops in Manila Medellin that you can check out while staying at Landmark!

Vinke Barber Shop

20,000 COP – 200,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Retro
  • What to Try: Get a beard trim and haircut. This is a very basic barber that only offers trims and cuts.
  • Pro Tips: They offer you a beer or juice from the stall next door while you get your haircut.

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Javier Suarez Barber

30,000 COP – 300,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Classy
  • What to Try: A basic men’s cut is great. It comes with a hair wash as well as a blowout and styling.
  • Pro Tips: They offer tea, coffee, and water while you wait. There are also chess, checkers, and Jenga for you to play.

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London Barber Shop

45,000 COP – 400,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Classy
  • What to Try: The full spa cut and beard trim. The treatment comes with a basic facial treatment that’s super relaxing.
  • Pro Tips: They have an online booking system that makes it super easy to schedule your cut. It’s best to make an appointment as the place can get a bit busy with walk-ins.

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For our guests that want specialty services for their hair, such as coloring and cuts, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the best places to get haircuts for the ladies in Manila Medellin.

Mundo de Extensiones

300,000 COP – 1,000,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Elegant
  • What to Try: Any of their extensions, they also make human hair wigs.
  • Pro Tips: Go early in the day as it gets busy in the afternoon.

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Victoria Peluquería

100,000 COP – 1,500,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: Get a straightening treatment or hair mask.
  • Pro Tips: They have free coffee, water, WiFi, and tea during your appointment.

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Wanting to get your nails cleaned up in Manila Medellin? Check out these top nail salons in Poblado! All of them are located just a stone’s throw from Landmark!

Violeta Nails Spa Poblado

15,000 COP – 110,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Elegant
  • What to Try: Dip powder nails. You can get them in a manicure, pedicure, or both!
  • Pro Tips: Designs don’t cost extra, so go as crazy as you like. They have crystals, sparkles, and tons of other cute additions.

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Peluqueria Fanel

45,000 COP – 500,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: Get a pedicure, they have tons of options in gel and regular polish. Or, opt for any hair treatment.
  • Pro Tips: All wash and shampoo services come with a free face mask. And, the salon offers wine, beer, coffee, and tea while you’re getting your treatment done.

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There’s no better way to enjoy your vacation than to relax and unwind in a spa. Here are a few of the best spas in Poblado, all of which are located in Manila Medellin.

SOUSA Nails & Spa

170,000 COP – 2,000,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Romantic
  • What to Try: Get a couple’s massage or try one of the body treatments. Make sure to use the jacuzzi!
  • Pro Tips: Not all packages include the jacuzzi, but you can add that or the sauna to any service. All services come with a glass of champagne or a cup of tea.

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Sol y Color Belleza Corporal

20,000 COP – 400,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Relaxed
  • What to Try: Check out the tanning beds or opt for one of their famous facial treatments.
  • Pro Tips: The facial treatments take a full two-hours minimum, so make sure you have enough time.

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