Philly Steaks & Bistro

24,000 COP – 40,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Old-timey
    What to Try: Try any of their gelato flavors! They also offer classic American snacks like loaded cheese fries that are pretty great.
    Pro Tips: The spot is pretty small, but offers great outdoor seating. It’s a fun place to hang out on a hot afternoon.

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10,000 COP – 20,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Quaint
  • What to Try: Their DIY ice cream bars. Add up to three toppings, choose a chocolate dip, and then top with more molten chocolate. Yum!
  • Pro Tips: If no one is behind the ice cream bar, ask in Western Wings. The shops are connected and they’ll attend to you right away.

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10,000 COP – 45,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Street Food
  • What to Try: They only sell ceviche, but it’s great stuff! It comes with a little packet of crackers to dip in the sauce.
  • Pro Tips: This is a small spot that is great for a quick snack but not great for crowds of people. You can take your ceviche to go!

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