Mundo Arte Gallery

FREE – 3,000,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: A small gallery focused on paintings and digital art.
  • Pro Tips: They prefer if you don’t take photos. However, they have some gorgeous pamphlets for sale that are full of the gallery’s work.


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Galería Carlos Orozco

FREE – 3,500,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Modern
  • What to Try: Quite a small gallery that is most focused on sculpture.
  • Pro Tips: You’re not allowed to take photos indoors, but it’s still a great place to check out some beautiful art.


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Milnueve32 Tienda de Arte Cafe Galeria

FREE – 1,200,000 COP

  • The Vibe: Eclectic
  • What to Try: A quirky art gallery that’s full of vinyls, books, and tons of great art. Everything in the shop is for sale!
  • Pro Tips: The shop sells coffee and great wine. It’s a lovely place to sit and chat for a few hours.


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